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UK Landmarks

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November 14th, 2017 Posted 9:07 pm

Over the half term holidays, Miss Connor set us homework to research and present a UK Landmark.

Last week and this week, we have presented our models, power points and posters to the class…

We all have learned a lot and worked hard on our presentations and enjoyed sharing our work with the class.

Miss Connor was very impressed with all our work!

There’s No Place Like Home…


November 10th, 2017 Posted 1:20 pm

Yesterday, we had a fun packed afternoon to start our new topic on the UK called There’s No  Place Like Home. We dressed in red, white and blue, the colours of the Union Jack flag.

We had a carousel of activities which included, making sandwiches and decorating cupcakes in red, white and blue for our UK tea party.

We also designed our UK themed cupcake and we used the QR scanner to identify UK landmarks.

We then got to eat the food we had made …

Read all about it …

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October 26th, 2017 Posted 4:36 pm

In English, we have been looking at newspaper reports. We have done lots of different work around newspapers including:

  • headlines
  • newspaper features
  • direct and indirect speech
  • looking for clues and using who, what, when, where, why and how

We finished our topic by watching a clip called Pigeon Impossible and wrote a newspaper article revealing the events that had happened. Here are some of our examples…

Miss Connor was really pleased with our end results.

Walk Like an Egyptian

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October 26th, 2017 Posted 4:32 pm

Willow Class have really enjoyed our first topic, Walk Like an Egyptian. We have done lots of amazing work including learning about:

  • mummification
  • Tutankhamen
  • Egyptian Gods
  • hieroglyphics
  •  Nefertiti
  • the river Nile
  • the location of Egypt and its famous places
  • what life was life for Egyptians in the past

Here is some of our work…

Our topic board looks pretty impressive too …

Egypt’s Got Talent

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October 4th, 2017 Posted 10:40 pm

This week in our topic lessons we researched different Egyptian Gods and Godesses to enter them into Egypt’s Got Talent!

Miss Connor set us the challenge to work in pairs to research a God and to find facts about them and what made them special. We recorded our findings in our books, ready to present it to the class.

We then told the class what made our Gods special and we had a class vote on who was the best God.

The winner of Egypt’s Got Talent was…


Nefertiti Art

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October 2nd, 2017 Posted 9:04 pm

Today we learned all about Nefertiti, the wife of an Egyptian pharaoh. She has a very special and famous piece of art that was made for her called the Bust of Nefertiti. It is kept in a German museum in Berlin.

In class we made our own version of the Nefertiti Bust…

We looked at the shapes and patterns and tried to recreate them using different collage materials.

They have finished our in class topic board off nicely…

Egyptian Pyramid Dance

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October 2nd, 2017 Posted 8:58 pm

To link with our Egyptian topic, we have been doing some dance linked to our topic.

We worked in pairs to build pyramids. We split the dance into different sections following the structure Egyptians used to build their pyramids. We started by leveling the ground. Then, we aligned the pyramids with the stars and dug the stone blocks from the ground. We then transported them to the site and built the pyramid.

Walk Like An Egyptian

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September 28th, 2017 Posted 9:25 am

We have been doing lots of work for our topic  Walk Like An Egyptian.

We created Egyptian silhouette pictures …

We have look at heiroglyphics …

We located Egypt on a map and located different important sites …

Flat Stanley

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September 14th, 2017 Posted 6:28 pm

On Monday morning we received a letter addressed to Willow Class. We opened it and read it was from an American boy called Flat Stanley.

He told us a bit about himself and how he became flat and can now be sent around the world in an envelope

Stanley told us he was off on another adventure and asked us to write back telling him where we think he could be going.

Our First Day in Willow Class

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September 5th, 2017 Posted 4:01 pm

Willow class had a fantastic first day and Miss Connor was very impressed with all the children’s hard work. We started our new class novel – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We also turned our faces into Pharaohs to link with our new topic, Walk Like an Egyptian. They are going on display outside our classroom.

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