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Stone Age Boy

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January 15th, 2018 Posted 7:19 pm

In our English lessons for the past two weeks, we have been looking at the book Stone Age Boy – which links to our Stone Age topic.

We have done lots of different activities on this story including, generating questions to hot seat the Stone Age boy, adjective and thesaurus work and work on fronted adverbials.

This week, we started our story writing week by working in partners to act out our own version of the Stone Age Boy …

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Savage Stone Age

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January 11th, 2018 Posted 10:06 pm

Today, we started our new topic – Savage Stone Age.

We completed different activities throughout the afternoon.

We had an archeological digging tub with different artefacts to discover …

We then recorded our findings in our topic books.

We created our topic front covers and completed our KWL grids to say what we know about the Stone Age and what we want to find out.

Graffiti Art

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December 14th, 2017 Posted 5:01 pm

In class, we have been looking at Graffiti art. We looked at how it started and different famous Graffiti artists. We looked at how Graffiti artists sign their names with tags. We then had a go at creating our own tags …


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December 14th, 2017 Posted 4:50 pm

In Willow Class we have looked at Graffiti art, focusing on the UK artist Banksy to link with our topic There’s No Place Like Home.

We looked at different Banksy art work and then created our own version of his picture ‘There is always hope’…

We used the tags we had created in our previous lesson to sign our Banksy artwork.


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November 21st, 2017 Posted 11:32 am

In Maths this week, we are looking at Multiplication. We are looking at how to use the grid method as a form of written Multiplication. We have been using the website called Grid Mult  http://www.gridmult.co.uk/ to practice our skills.

We have recorded our calculations in our Maths books.

Film and Playscripts


November 21st, 2017 Posted 11:20 am

We have started our new English unit looking at film and playscripts. We are focusing on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone which is our class novel.

We have started off by reading the script for a scene from the film and then acting it out in groups.

UK Landmarks

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November 14th, 2017 Posted 9:07 pm

Over the half term holidays, Miss Connor set us homework to research and present a UK Landmark.

Last week and this week, we have presented our models, power points and posters to the class…

We all have learned a lot and worked hard on our presentations and enjoyed sharing our work with the class.

Miss Connor was very impressed with all our work!

There’s No Place Like Home…


November 10th, 2017 Posted 1:20 pm

Yesterday, we had a fun packed afternoon to start our new topic on the UK called There’s No  Place Like Home. We dressed in red, white and blue, the colours of the Union Jack flag.

We had a carousel of activities which included, making sandwiches and decorating cupcakes in red, white and blue for our UK tea party.

We also designed our UK themed cupcake and we used the QR scanner to identify UK landmarks.

We then got to eat the food we had made …

Read all about it …

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October 26th, 2017 Posted 4:36 pm

In English, we have been looking at newspaper reports. We have done lots of different work around newspapers including:

  • headlines
  • newspaper features
  • direct and indirect speech
  • looking for clues and using who, what, when, where, why and how

We finished our topic by watching a clip called Pigeon Impossible and wrote a newspaper article revealing the events that had happened. Here are some of our examples…

Miss Connor was really pleased with our end results.

Walk Like an Egyptian

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October 26th, 2017 Posted 4:32 pm

Willow Class have really enjoyed our first topic, Walk Like an Egyptian. We have done lots of amazing work including learning about:

  • mummification
  • Tutankhamen
  • Egyptian Gods
  • hieroglyphics
  •  Nefertiti
  • the river Nile
  • the location of Egypt and its famous places
  • what life was life for Egyptians in the past

Here is some of our work…

Our topic board looks pretty impressive too …